Appeal instructions for filing individually


Berwyn Township is open until May 24th, 2023

  1. First you must create an account with an email address and password. Go to Go to Appeals, then Online Appeals, then click “Launch Online Appeal Portal”. Create a new account, or login to an existing account. You will receive a confirmation email to “Activate Your Account” sent by [email protected]. Click on the link to complete registration process.                                                                           
  2. Login - with email and password.                                                         
  3. Available Filings - Select type of appeal - CCAO Appeals – Real Estate Assessed Valuation Appeal(Residential), Begin Filing.                
  4. Primary PIN Search - Enter PIN (no dashes) click “Search”. Verify, go to Search results, click “Start Filing.”                                        
  5. Appeal Activity Window - check boxes in lower left and click “Next” to proceed.         
  6. Verify Primary PIN - click “Next”                                                       
  7. Primary Pin - If requesting a Certificate of Error for past years, check appropriate boxes, click “Next”. (C of E’s may be filed for prior years based on incorrect property characteristics such as incorrect square footage or construction type.)                       
  8. Additional Subject PIN Entry -If your property has more than one parcel (PIN), follow instructions online, otherwise click “Next”.      
  9. Filer Type - Select Taxpayer/Owner from drop down lists.                            
  10. Identification and Status of Taxpayer/Owner – Select Taxpayer/Owner Description. Click Hamburger icon = to auto fill, click on your name, click “Select”. Verify that information is correct, add phone number and email. Click “Next”.                        
  11. Residential Assessed Valuation Appeal Characteristics - review the property characteristics. Mark ONLY property characteristics that are INCORRECT. Click “Next”.       
  12. APPEAL Information - check reason for appeal - most likely “Lack of Uniformity/Comparables.” Briefly explain reason: “See comparables.” Field Check Request – select Yes or No. How is the property used – check box that applies. Check box if property was purchased after January 1, 2020. If purchased after January 1, 2020, enter sales date, purchase price, identity of buyer and seller, click “Next”.                                     
  13. Attachments – Scroll to Comparable Property PIN(s) – Select Files and upload comparable document provided. Upload any other documents necessary to support your appeal. If purchased within the last three years, go to Sales Documents and use Sales Questionnaire along with required supporting documents such as Settlement Statement and Deed. Upload an appraisal that has been completed within the last three years if it is less than the Assessed Value of your home. Select Next.                                             
  14. Submit - Enter Name, Phone, Email as your confirmation and electronic signature. PLEASE BE ADVISED - Once you click “Submit” you will NOT be able to make changes or add additional documents to this filing. Your appeal is complete.                        
  15. Confirmation Print or save the appeal confirmation page for your records. You will also receive an email confirmation from the Cook County Assessor ([email protected] )
  16. Cook County will mail a decision letter a few months after closing date.                                                    


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