Holiday Hours

Our office will be closed beginning at 12:30 p.m. on December 31 and will resume normal business hours on Monday, January 4th. 

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Holidays Hours

My office will be closed early on Thursday, 12/24/2020 @ 12:30p.m. & will be closed Friday, December 25, 2020.

Normal business hours will resume Monday, December 28,2020 at 9:00a.m. 

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This week outreach



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free shots

 Please stop by today to get a free flu shot until 11 a.m. at NORTH BERWYN PARK DISTRICT/VFW.  



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Honoring our Veterans office will be closed

My office will be closed on Wednesday, November 11th in honor of Veterans Day.


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Outreach for this week!


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Property Tax Forum

Please join us tonight at 6:30 pm with the Board of Review for a zoom meeting. They will be having a Q and A during the session.

Below you will see the link to register:





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Appeal Outreach

Buy lunch and appeal your property taxes!!
With the hardships many are facing, I feel it's very important to reach out as much as possible and make it accessible for as many people to appeal this assessment year and to support our businesses that are hurting. Please stop by and appeal and support a local business. Please share.
Also, if you want me to do a pop-up appeal in front of your business, please email me at [email protected]


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Just a reminder

My father and other veterans fought for our right to vote, exercise your Vote.

Go vote this Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Here is a list of nearby locations to early vote:

  • Brookfield Village Hall, 8820 Brookfield Ave, Brookfield, IL 60513
  • Cicero Community Center, 2250 S. 49th St, Cicero, IL 60804
  • Cicero PSO Building, 5410 W. 34th St, Cicero, IL 60804
  • Lyons Village Hall, 4200 S. Lawndale Ave, Lyons, IL 60534
  • Oak Park Village Hall, 123 Madison St, Oak Park, IL 60302

The hours for all early voting locations are as follows:

Friday:        Oct 30   8:30am-7:00pm

Saturday:  Oct 31   9:00am - 5:00pm

Sunday:    Nov 1    9:00am - 5:00pm

Monday:  Nov 2    8:30am - 7:00pm



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2020 Board of Review

The Berwyn Township Assessor's office will open for reassessment property appeal with the Board of Review. Due to rising COVID-19 cases we will not allow people inside the building. Berwyn Township officially will be open Monday October 26th, 2020; you will have until November 24th, 2020 to file. We will be helping with appeals until November 23th.

 If you need comparables, please email us at [email protected] with your property address and phone number. We will send you some comparables to attach to your appeal as soon as possible. Please be patient with us.  

We will also be having other events like we have had in the past at local coffee shops, schools and etc. Also Saturday October 31th, will be the last day for our Drive Thru event at the Recreation Center on 6501 31st Street from 9 a.m to 1 p.m.

Below I have attached a "step by step" process to assist you on filing an appeal online through the Board of Review.


  1. First you must to create an account with a user name, password and email. Go to Go to login, click on “new users” and create a new account, or login to an existing account.  When the account is created, you will see your username on the top right hand of the screen indicating that you are in your account.
  2. Click on Submit Appeal
  3. Pick ‘Property Over Assessment’ from the dropdown
  4. Enter your PIN number if you do not know your PIN
  5. Add Associated PINS if there are any (XXX). Pick ‘no’ if your appealing a single PIN
  6. Click submit
  7. Edit / Enter the following fields as needed:

    1. Appellant Name
    2. Appellant Address
    3. Appellant City
    4. Appellant State
    5. Appellant Zip
    6. Appellants Phone Number
    7. Appellants Email Address
    8. Confirm Appellants Email Address
    9. Appellant Type
  8. If you would like a Hearing, check ‘Yes’.
  9. If you Purchased your home in any of the years indicated in the drop down menu, pick that option, else pick ‘other’.
  10. If you are filing on the grounds of uniformity, please list your Comparables here in the Notes page. You may also use this area to submit any information that you feel is pertinent for the Analyst reviewing your property to know.
  11. Click Next
  12. Confirm the details of your Appeal by checking the box
  13. Initial the Appeal
  14. Click Submit
  15. If you plan on submitting Evidence (Documents to support your Appeal) now or at a later time, click ‘Yes’.  
  16. Click on the “Browse” button, select the file you are uploading, and click open.
  17. Ensure that you are picking the correct ‘Document Type’ for the evidence you wish to submit.  Eg – If you wish to submit an Appraisal, pick Document Type ‘BOR Appraisal’ from the drop down menu
  18. View the Documents to ensure that you have attached the correct document.
  19. Click Submit
  20. Note, if you wish to add Documents at a later date, navigate to ‘My Appeals’ on the left side of screen and locate the Complaint in question

Click on the Add Docs option to add any other Evidence you wish to submit with your appeal.


If you have any questions, you can contact us at our office at 708-788-6600 or  email us at [email protected]


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